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We Give you Influence and Motivation Strategies to:

  • Inspire better performance from your team.
  • Gain more positive influence in your organization.
  • Build more business and win more clients.
  • Conquer your influence and motivation challenges.

Dr. Ullmen’sinteractive seminars, workshops and webinars are uplifting, unforgettable and filled with insights and action tools that audience members can apply right away.

Choose from the programs below, or let us know if there’s another area of focus your organization needs. Dr. Ullmen will help make your next organization event a great success.

1. Five-Level Influence: Essential Secrets from Power Influencers Who Get Things Done with People even without using Authority, Rewards or Penalties.

2. The Motivation Equation: What Four Steps Inspire Great Results Even During Difficult Times?

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Our Programs Focus on Helping You Take Effective Action. You’ll Learn:

The two key reasons why attempts to motivate ourselves and others often fail.

The five steps power influencers use to get things done with people without resorting to authority, rewards or penalties.

Why most motivation techniques only work for short periods of time.

How to exercise influence in ways that get results and also strengthen your relationships and reputation.

The key motivational factor missing from most goal-setting strategies.

The most important personal factors to focus on to increase motivated action.

 How to determine the specific conditions under which different people will respond most effectively.

✓ The four steps can you take anytime, anywhere to increase motivation.

✓ How to listen “between the lines” to uncover why people do what they do, and what they’re not saying.

✓ How to avoid the biggest mistakes people don’t even realize they make when they try to influence others.

✓ How can you create a sustainable motivation strategy for yourself and others?