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Post image for The Best Advice I Ever Received

Tweet I have a personal mission but I didn’t fully understand what it was, what it meant, and where it came from until I got some advice from my dear friend, Jim Adcox. Over twenty years ago, Jim suggested that I do something he’d done with his own parents—ask my mom and dad to write… Read More

Real Influence – How to Persuade Without Pushing and Gain Without Giving In

Tweet Over two years and 100+ interviews with highly reputable influencers in the making, I’m very proud to announce my next book, coauthored with Mark Goulston MD. It already has been selected as one of the 30 Best Books in Business for 2013 by Soundview Executive Book Summaries (the premier executive book summary company). The… Read More

Post image for Grant Searcey and the “Art” of Inspirational Influence

Tweet Recently I delivered a keynote address for a Fortune 500 firm’s annual senior executive retreat. With the economy unsteady and the company having undergone setbacks in their business, they wanted to hear about how to motivate stronger performance during difficult times. To illustrate the steps that leaders and managers should take, I told a… Read More

Post image for No Arms, No Legs, Huge Heart

Tweet The answers to the following two questions are the same: (1) What is the most popular inspirational video chosen by students from all around the world?; and (2) Who is someone you never heard about, but can inspire you within 3 seconds of seeing him speak? Answer: Nick Vujicic who was born in 1982… Read More