Dr. Ullmen’s speeches are uplifting, unforgettable and filled with insights and action tools that audience members can apply right away.

Choose from the speeches below, or let us know if there’s another area of focus your organization needs. Dr. Ullmen will help make your next conference, offsite or organization event a great success.

1. Influence Methods for Great Outcomes: How to Influence Others to Achieve Great Results While Also Strengthening Relationships and Motivation

2. The Motivation EquationWhat Four Steps Inspire Great Results Even During Difficult Times?

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Typical Feedback About Dr. Ullmen’s Speeches:

“Dr. John Ullmen is an extraordinarily compelling speaker. The audience was hanging on every word…As an executive coach, he diagnosed issues very insightfully, in ways that both surprised me and were uniquely helpful. I strongly recommend him.”

–Demitri Hollevoet, Vice President
Merrill Lynch

 “Inspirational and informative and presentation! The case study about the personal friend and colleague was helpful and touching. I will personally attempt to put this to work right away.”

Chris Benedict, Portfolio Manager
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

“Dr. John Ullmen had people out of their shells inside of two minutes. Within 5 minutes he had communicated more networking wisdom than I had received in any sales training in my 15 year career as a salesman and manager of salespeople.”

–Mark J. Marriott, President
Occidental Business Associates

“I enjoyed your inspiring talk the other night. Excellent ideas that tap into what makes us tick and applies that to business success. Doesn’t get any better. I have already begun reading the books. Thanks!”

–Alisa Blatt
Professional Artist

Fantastic presentation! Amazing concepts that shift my thinking!

–Lisa Plowman
Northridge Toyota and Scion Sales

Great seminar! I can use what I learned to help me with clients.

–Paka Andersen, Agent
New York Life Insurance Company

“Your presentation was very engaging. In particular I liked the list of motivational conditions you gave us, which helped me clarify things that were amorphous in my mind before, and now I can take action on them.”

–Loryn Arkow, Partner
Cox, Castle & Nicholson, LLP

 “The participants of our program truly enjoyed your presence, as is evident in one of the surveys for the day: ‘Professor Ullmen’s lecture was what I enjoyed most during today’s session. You guys should bring him back next year!’”

        –Alex Lawrence, Executive Director, Riordin Programs
UCLA Anderson School of Management


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These topics are available also as interactive seminars/workshops and webinars. Click here to learn more.