Richard St. John on Success: Eight Traits To Be Great

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If you haven’t heard about, Richard St. John’s video is a great introduction. Richard spent 7+ years in research and interviewed 500+ leading figures from all walks of life. He condensed his findings into 4 minutes, and 8 key words.

The featured video here is his talk on “Eight traits that successful people have in common.”

The 8 traits can also serve as a handy checklist of 8 reminders, to guide our own thoughts and actions and to hold ourselves accountable for in how we deal with others. As you watch the video, consider what your top 8 traits would be that you think lead to success, and that you would commit to demonstrating daily in your own behavior with others.

1 Passion:

“I would pay someone to do what I do.” Carol Colleta, radio producer, Smart City

What would you do for love, even without money?

2 Work:

“It’s all hard work. Nothing comes easily. But I have a lot of fun.” Rupert Murdoch, CEO

Richard says “Don’t be a workaholic. Be a ‘work-a-frolic.’”

3 Good:

“To be successful, put your nose down in something and get damn good at it.” Alex Garden, game developer

4 Focus:

“I think it all has to do with focusing yourself on one thing.” Norman Jewison, filmmaker

5 Push:

“Push yourself physically, mentally, you gotta push, push, push!” David Gallo, marine scientist

Here’s my favorite quote from the talk: “It’s not always easy to push yourself, and that’s why they invented mothers.”

6 Ideas:

“I had an idea…founding the first microcomputer software company…” Bill Gates, CEO

7 Serve:

“It was a privilege to serve as a doctor.” Sherwin Newland, professor of surgery, Yale

8 Persist:

“Persistence is the #1 reason for our success.” Joe Kraus, cofounder, Excite

A close second in my favorite moments in the talk is Richard’s definition of “crap” and how you need to persist through it:

If you had to list the top traits that make people successful, based on your experience, what would be on your list?

What are the most important keywords that keep you on track?

Learn more about Richard, his background and his offerings at;

My thanks to Christopher Murach, for bringing this video to my attention.

What do you think of Richard’s points? Do you agree? Are there other characteristics you would add to his list? Any other thoughts? Add a comment below!

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Ritch Eich September 16 at 10:36 am

Thanks, John, as this video is inspiring. I’m going to use it in the college marketing class I teach. Please keep them coming!


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